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Personal Injury

We understand what it is like to be given a hard time from the insurance companies. Let us fight to get the compensation you deserve.

Time is limited under Georgia law for you to file a personal injury case, so please do not delay in meeting with an attorney to discuss your case. We are happy to offer free consultations to help you consider your options. We will work to help you recover from your accident and be properly compensated for your pain and suffering. 


We Represent Clients in a Wide Variety of Tort Cases

Auto Accidents








Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, it does not take much of an accident to cause a serious injury on a motorcycle, and all too often the individual on the motorcycle was not in the wrong. 

Dog Bite Cases

Dog bite cases carry a lot of trauma for the victim. I have worked prosecuting dog bite cases as violations of County Ordinances as well as representing plaintiffs and understand the requirements for establishing a successful claim.  

Unsafe Work Conditions

Unsafe work conditions are incredibly common, even more so today with our fast paced economy and limited workforce. We frequently see employees required to expose themselves to unsafe conditions by their employment and being injured as a result. 

Help me, help you!

Timing is everything. Regardless of the type of legal problem, please do not delay in seeking help from me or any other attorney.

All too often we meet with clients who do not strike while the iron is hot and end up with a much more difficult path as a result.